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I work with students to deliver two exceptional online personal improvement programmes which I facilitate weekly. I am a transformational coach for the DreamBuilder Programme, and a Leader for Lifebook.

DreamBuilder is a twelve-week programme of transformative discovery. It is a profound exploration of your inner aspirations and provides a framework upon which to design, build and manifest the life of your dreams. (Click below on the DreamBuilder video link below to access more information)

Click on the video link below to access more information from me, your coach, about the DreamBuilder Programme.

Lifebook is a six-week programme which provides a framework that supports you with a deep dive into twelve key dimensions of life. It helps you learn how to identify why something is important to you, envision, plan and strategise so that you can live your very best life in each dimension. Over the six-week period you will literally be the author of your Lifebook, writing a book which is for you, and about you which focuses on each of these key dimensions. It will include details about your vision for the future, goals, the strategies you will need to implement to achieve your life vision, motivational quotes, photographs and extra resources. All of this will come together to provide you with a blueprint which you intend to bring into your reality. Upon completion of the programme, each student will receive a beautiful, personalised leather-bound folder which you can keep your Lifebook in. (Click the video link below to access more information)

Both of these programmes are hosted on beautifully designed Apps available anywhere at any time on your cell phone, tablet or laptop. They each help you identify what is important to you and why, what you really want from life and how you are going to achieve it. They are excellent vehicles which help you gain clarity, break through limitations, and  take action so you can transform your results and they speak very clearly to those who have reached a point of transition or crisis in life or have arrived at a stage and are simply wondering “what’s next”? They are supported by online training videos, meditations and additional resources.

The world is an uncertain place now and the stability and security that we all desire is hard to find in everything that is going on around us, but you can create it internally yourself which will then enable you to effect the external change you desire,  and both these programmes help you do just that. They encourage you to take charge of your own life, take ownership of your mistakes and exercise self-responsibility in all areas.

This might be a new way of thinking for you which is counter cultural because we are taught to live life by default waiting for things to happen to us for our results to change, and blaming our external circumstances when things don’t turn out as we hope. Because very few of us ever take charge of our lives in this way, many of us feel unfulfilled and stuck.

So, what’s included? Training for both programmes is done online weekly through training videos, which you can work through in your own time and is supported by meditations and additional resources. Once signed up you will have access to the programme for life which can be accessed on your cell phone, tablet or laptop anytime from anywhere. I facilitate weekly calls through Zoom where we explore the week’s work that has just been completed, go through any problems or “a-ha” moments and discuss what is coming up in the next weeks training. I offer a personally tailored coaching session for each student focusing on whatever you personally want to work on whether it is lack of self-confidence, anxiety, eliminating an unwanted habit, belief or an emotional state. You name it and we will remove it replacing it with a positive expansive message using a combination of coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy, and this can all be delivered online via Zoom. Together we will break through any limitations so that you can make the most of the programme and live your best life.

It is said that some people live a hundred years, but most people live one year a hundred times. If this is you, then both these programmes can help you change, and I will be by your side each week supporting you in doing just that. Watch the videos and decide which programme resonates with you more, DreamBuilder or Lifebook and then if you’d like to know more, let’s talk.

What our client says

“I embarked on Lifebook as I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to look further – my children are approaching adulthood, and it is time for ‘me’. Sarah and Lifebook opened my eyes to more elements of life I needed to explore.  It’s the beginning of a journey and Lifebook has given me the tools to move forward in ways I wouldn’t necessarily have approached on my own. It is an ongoing process and has made me think daily about every way I embrace my future. Lots of time spent on it, and not a minute wasted!  Thank you to Sarah and to Lifebook!”

Sophi Unwin, Sales Negotiator, Estate Agent

“I am so happy to have participated in Sarah’s DreamBuilder Programme. Sarah encouraged me to stretch my imagination and we explored the blocks that got in the way of my fulfilling my ambition. I am retired now, and since completing the programme I have moved from a home and environment that was depressing at best and have found a perfect place to live. I am now full of creative ideas and projects and have made new friends and am enjoying a busy, happy life.Thank you DreamBuilder and thank you Sarah for guiding me through the programme and empowering me to lead my best life.”

Joe Gladwin – Puppeteer

What our client says

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