Life Coaching Explained

Life coaching is a professional service aimed at helping individuals identify and achieve personal or professional goals. Life coaches work with clients to assess their current situation clarify their aspirations and develop actionable plans to move themselves forward. Unlike therapists who often focus on past experiences and emotional healing, life coaches primarily focus on the present and future, emphasising goal setting, accountability and personal development realised through empowerment, self-efficacy, actions and change.

Some of the key aspects of life coaching include

  • Goal setting: Life coaches help clients identify and articulate their goals whether they are related to their careers, health, relationships, personal growth or any other aspect of life.
  • Action planning: Once goals are established life coaches assist clients in creating strategic plans to achieve them. This may involve breaking down goals into smaller, measurable tasks, identifying potential hurdles and developing strategies to overcome them.
  • Accountability: Life coaches provide accountability and support to help clients stay focused and motivated. They may track progress, offer feedback, and challenge clients to take the necessary steps towards their goals.
  • Personal development: Life coaching often involves exploring personal values, strengths, beliefs and areas for growth.
  • Communication and relationship building: Life coaches work on improving communication skills, assertiveness and interpersonal relationships. This may involve addressing conflict resolution, setting boundaries and enhancing social skills.
  • Work / Life balance: Life coaches help clients achieve balance and harmony between various aspects of life such as work, family, health and leisure. They can assist in setting priorities, managing time effectively and reducing stress.

Coaching can therefore be used very successfully as part of a broader treatment plan to help resolve a range of problems including smoking cessation, weight loss, fears and phobias, anxiety, depression and stress as well as pain management, performance nerves, insomnia, trauma and PTSD. I use Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming which are all powerful disciplines that work well together to deliver great results.

No two people are the same, so all my treatment programmes are bespoke, designed to meet the requirements and goals of each individual. I usually integrate all three disciplines, which I believe makes me a more effective coach enabling me to greatly enhance your therapeutic program and accelerate your results.

I want to make appointments as easy as possible for you so offer sessions in person in clinic or online over Zoom.

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