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    • I’m Sarah, a Life and Mindset Coach whose primary focus is to help you transform your life and achieve desired outcomes. I provide Talking Therapy services which include using a combination of techniques from life coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and clinical hypnotherapy.
    • I partner with extraordinary people, assisting them in rediscovering their self-identity and bolstering their confidence. Together we leverage their inner resilience empowering them to navigate a world where many individuals are grappling with stress, isolation and dwindling confidence in their ability to steer through this rapidly changing landscape. Life coaching hypnotherapy and NLP treatments offer invaluable resources to help people not only cope with these challenges but thrive despite them.
    • I can assist you in overcoming emotional obstacles, reframing negative experiences, fostering positive habits and shifting limiting beliefs, while also sharing techniques which you can use independently, that will empower you to progress further on your path to wellness.
    • Typical pain points that you might be experiencing may include dealing with unwanted habits, beliefs and emotions, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, lacking confidence and self-esteem, feeling isolated and life-challenged, not sleeping properly and not sure where or how to start to resolve any of these issues. If this resonates with you, please book your free 20-minute telephone consultation with me now because I can help.
    • My coaching services are provided to anywhere in the world online via Zoom, or in person locally to where I live near Frome in Somerset.

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Tord DyrssenTord Dyrssen
21:09 13 Jun 24
I have been meditating with the help of Sarah’s personalized coaching for some time now and I find it both very relaxing and reinforcing. Therefore I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for support with this.
Anna BruceAnna Bruce
17:02 08 May 24
I have just completed my fourth session with Sarah. My quest was to free myself of insomnia which I have been suffering from for many years. Sarah held me with a very steady, positive hand, was utterly professional and the result is that I have experienced a real breakthrough in my sleeping patterns!! A foundational boost to my life. Exactly what I asked for and I got with Sarah..... I have tried many ways to sort the issue and this was the one. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.